Getting Ready for Divorce Mediation

In January, we reviewed some of the benefits of mediation for divorce. Last month, we looked at how mediation can fit in with other divorce processes. Continuing with our review of the basics in divorce mediation, today we are going to talk about getting ready. The first steps to take in preparing for divorce mediation are generally the same as the first steps you would take to get ready for divorce regardless of which process you plan to choose. Read more

How to Use the Mediation Process with Other Divorce Processes

mediation process

Last month we reviewed some of the benefits that can come from choosing mediation for your divorce. Many divorcing couples decide early on that the mediation process will be the best approach for them. Others, however, decide to try it after first attempting other approaches. Starting another way does not prevent parties from switching to mediation later. In this post we will discuss how mediation can fit in with other divorce processes. Read more

Benefits of Mediation for Divorce

Benefits of mediation

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a chance to rest, recharge, and prepare for whatever is to come in 2023. If one of those things is divorce, we also hope you took our suggestions last month about New Year’s resolutions. Read more