Video Information Library

Video Information Library

Our video library contains helpful how-to videos on the divorce process, informational videos on family law matters, interviews with our attorneys, and more. Please bookmark this page or subscribe to Weinberger Law Group’s YouTube channel for access to all videos and new uploads.

Highlights and Special Weinberger Law Group Videos Can be Found Below:

Weinberger Law Group – Divorce & Family Law Attorneys in New Jersey

Get to know our firm. Weinberger Law Group places a premium on close and effective attorney-client relationships, and we strive to be your legal partner for all of your New Jersey family law needs.

Weinberger Law Group Video Tutorial Series: Critical Risks of Divorce

The 5 Critical Risks of Divorce video tutorial is comprised of 11 videos for you to pick and choose the information related to your specific issue or to view the entire series on issues related to divorce.

The Five Critical Risks of Divorce & Steps to Protect Yourself

From our Critical Risks of Divorce Series: This informative 35 minute video from Weinberger Law Group will prepare you for many risks of divorce and potential pitfalls of getting a divorce.

Intro and Divorce Basics – Weinberger Law Group – New Jersey

From our Critical Risks of Divorce Series: Common mistakes made during divorce can take a heavy toll on you and your family. Learn what they are – and how to avoid them.

About Weinberger Law Group – New Jersey Divorce Attorneys & Client Testimonials

Gain more insight into the divorce process and why Weinberger Law Group has become a standout divorce law firm in New Jersey.

Bari Weinberger Interview: Domestic Violence and How to Protect Yourself

Learn more about why we believe that domestic violence is an absolute epidemic in our society…And we need to act.

When it Makes Sense to Modify Alimony Payments

Learn more about alimony reform from Bari Weinberger in this video presented by