divorce mediation video

Divorce Mediation: What is it?

How do you get started with divorce mediation? What should you look for in a qualified mediator? Is mediation right for your divorce?

We understand the questions that you may have as you consider divorce mediation. So to answer these questions for you right away, we have created a short video to explain the divorce mediation process.

Divorce Mediation in New Jersey shows you how mediation can be used in YOUR divorce. You will come away understanding:

  • What is divorce mediation and how does it differ from litigating divorce in court?
  • What are the key advantages to divorce mediation? How does it save you on time, money and stress compared to going to court?
  • How does mediation protect your privacy?
  • How can the mediation process address hot button issues in your divorce, such as child custody and asset division, in which there may be disagreement?
  • How do you find a qualified mediator in New Jersey? Why is an advantage to work with an attorney-mediator?
  • How can mediation be used to resolve high net worth asset issues?
  • And much more.

Want to review the information in your own time? Check out our slide show on divorce mediation in New Jersey.