Should You Try Marriage Counseling Before Divorce Mediation?

marriage counseling

Was this month’s Valentine’s Day a wakeup call about the state of your marriage? And if so, what are your next steps? Is your first stop an attorney’s office or is it a therapist’s couch for marriage counseling?

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Preparing for Divorce in 2024

January is the month of New Year’s resolutions and a time when many people are looking for ways to renew their lives. For some, a fresh start includes moving forward with a divorce. Some people decide during the year that divorce is inevitable but wait for the close of the holiday season to finally make a move. Others see the writing on the wall after spending extended time together over the holidays. Whatever it is that has convinced you that this is the time, make sure you are truly ready before you file divorce papers. Here are a few steps to take first: Read more

Can Divorce Mediation Lead to Reconciliation?

couple working on marital reconciliation

Not long ago, Soompi reported that the popular South Korean actress and K-pop singer, Hwang Jung Eum, had filed for divorce from her golfer/businessman husband, Lee Young Don. According to a July 9th report in allkpop, however, the couple attended divorce mediation and are now reconciling. This is happy news, and it may lead other people to wonder if they too could achieve reconciliation through mediation. Read more

Getting Ready for Mediation

Consulting with a mediation attorney

In our last few posts, we reviewed some ways to assess the suitability of mediation for your own divorce. We also looked at how to gauge your readiness to begin the process. Last month we talked about choosing mediators and consulting attorneys. If you have gotten this far, and you now have a mediator and a consulting attorney you are happy with, you are probably thinking you are ready for  mediation. Before you schedule your first session though, there are still a few more things to take care of.

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Readiness for Divorce Mediation in the Time of Covid-19

Recently we talked about how to assess readiness for divorce and how to use virtual mediation as a functional way to go ahead with a divorce during the current Covid-19 crisis. Today, we will take a closer look at how people can decide whether or not divorce mediation is right for them, and how the coronavirus crisis might impact the answer to that question. Read more