Choosing the Mediation Process

Weinberger Mediation Center is here because we believe that mediation offers a positive alternative for couples trying to find a friendlier, less stress-filled way to resolve their divorce or family law dispute. Court litigation can be helpful and necessary in some divorce and family law cases. However, for many couples in NJ, mediation provides a cost-effective way to quickly reach a settlement viewed as acceptable by both sides.

The mediation process requires cooperation and willingness from involved parties to engage in discussion and negotiation over what can be some pretty hot button issues, including children, asset division, and alimony. The role of the neutral third party mediator is to help minimize animosity between the couple and move negotiations forward. Unlike a judge, the mediator does not dictate a ruling. His or her job is to answer questions parties have about the law and provide legal guidelines when it comes to calculating child support, dividing assets, creating parenting time schedules, and other matters.

We designed this site to provide you with concise information about divorce and family law mediation, with a focus of the topics that we know are most helpful when deciding to pursue this alternative. Our blog will serve the same purpose, with an eye towards addressing concerns about mediation that may be foremost on your mind… Is mediation better than court for figuring out child custody? How do I know I’ve hired the right mediator? What can I do to get the settlement I want?

The decisions you make now may be ones you need to live with for years to come. Divorce is serious business. Our blog will cover topics that can help you weigh your options and make positive choices. Please consider bookmarking this page and checking back soon for new posts and updates.